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air filter oval

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Yamaha FZR1000 (1989)
brand/manuf.: Pipercross

side over 30 years entwickelt pipercross in england high-powers air filter for the streets- atd racesportrange. per the usage special developed polyurethan-rubber foame have got the pipercross performance filter a/one constant better airzufuhr as products of papier or baumwolle. trotzthe verfügen the pipercross- products over thitelbe good filtration as other air filter. the filterpower is per dirtback/rearholdde additive still further gitteigert. per the additiv, is the quellen of the rubber foamit unthebeart, sothat the poren geöffnet become atd dirtparticle at the slight film haften bleiben. the pipercross filter have a/one ljust/flatslong manufacturer warranty atd able to as direkter filterreplace in the vehiclit obstruct become. it are no further modifikationen at fuelsystem as well as no einbearung per the tÜv necitsary. the einzige maintenance consists in the regelmäßigen claening the filter.

60.90 EUR
VAT incl., excl. shipping
air filter oval
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